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Mobile Accessibility Testers

A job board putting together mobile developers and accessibility testers to make mobile applications more accessible


We all know how important it is for accessibility to test your apps with real people who use assistive technology, but how do we get in touch with these testers? The Mobile Accessibility Testers platform does just that. Submit a description of what you would like tested, and we'll find a real human to test it and give feedback.

"Here's the new version of my mobile app. I'm concerned the new-sign up process isn't accessible. Can you test the main user flow using a screen reader? Just open the app, and complete the new user registration, and let me know your feedback."

Budget: $20

iOS | Screen Reader | User Flow

"We just migrated our app to Jetpack Compose. Can you complete our main user flow and give me your feedback? Basically, scroll through your feed, read and like a few articles, then view the list of your favorited articles."

Budget: $30

Android | Switch Control | Screen Reader | User Flow

"I'm looking for someone to audit my iOS app for Braille. I have tested it for VoiceOver and Switch Control, but I need help identifying problem areas for braille users. This would be a general audit of the entire app."

Budget: $100

iOS | Braille | General Audit

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